torsdag den 22. september 2011

Which song is it?

Here is a mini quiz :) You get a line and then try to guess which Dúné song it is...
Find the answer after the cut!

Song 1 - "In my most desperate hour I'm covered in pills"

Song 2 - "Life is not worth pretending"

Song 3 - "Was an overreaction that could cause death some day"

Song 4 - "His life changed to an evil ring"

Song 5 - "All my youths langing to cut the strings"

Please tell me, how many you could guess!

Song 1 - Bloodlines

Song 2 - Get it, Get it

Song 3 - Jack Beats, Jim Leads

Song 4 - Why Discipline Control

Song 5 - To Metropolis

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