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Submitted by Piotrek on Sun, 2011-09-04 13:54
Am I the only one thinking that summer hasn’t yet arrived in Europe? Seriously! I can only remember 3-4 days this year, which felt like a real summer. In those few days, my summer activities were going to an outdoor pool, partying at a beach bar, or laying in a park getting a tan. I had a pair of very cool shorts for the hot show days, but I only got to wear them once.

I don’t know about you, but I feel cheated! I really hope summer will come and say hello just for a short while. It has 19 days left! :)

Since the summer doesn’t care about us this year, I’d like to share one of my favorite summer spots in Copenhagen – ISLANDS BRYGGE.

Near the center of Copenhagen there is a big channel, which parts the island of Amager from the rest of the city. Funnily enough, there are 3 bridges on the channel and one of them is only for bicycles and pedestrians.
On the city-center-side of the channel, there are a lot of modern buildings containing mainly fancy hotels, very modern apartments and some offices.

Luckily, the other side remains an object of great “social” enjoyment. There is a huge area with green grass, cafés and just open space, which many people miss badly in bigger cities. Right at the edge of the water there is a long bridge, which is full up with people, as soon as the sun is out and there are enough “degrees” above zero.

One can lay there, enjoy the view, and catch some sun. If it’s too hot, you can just jump into the water to cool off!

It’s a perfect place for a hot summer day in Copenhagen!
Here is a picture. Enjoy!

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