tirsdag den 20. marts 2012

Nokia film

I got an e-mail from Nokia (because of a misunderstanding - I think they thought, that this were Dúnés own website) about a online film for their company, where they would like to use Dúnés EP "Echoes of december." 

Here is their description of it:

>>We've just completed shooting a small online film for Nokia, and your EP Echoes of December came pre-loaded on one of the Nokia devices we were filming.

We filmed the screen of the phone playing your EP, and we we're wondering if we could get something in writing from you guys just saying you are happy for us to use this shot in the film.<<
So keep an eye on that and let me know if you see this video!
I sent the mail to Dúné, but Nokia have also been in touch with them :)

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