tirsdag den 6. marts 2012

Piotreks perfect Poniedzialek

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Hmm. Today I am not very much for a long written blog, but I have come across an interesting photo:

Very shortly... You can be educated in all kinds of professions but one - LIFE. This is probably the hardest education, because you have to learn and experience everything by yourself. Doesn't matter, how many good advices your friends and other people have for you, you will have to go through tough and complicated situations. The more of them, the better you are at handling them. At the same time, the more tough the situation, the more satisfaction is waiting for you afterwards.

One of the bigger chapters of the school of life is about "letting go". It is a very important skill, which makes your life easier. When something bothers you and it's important, you try your best to fix it. Unfortunately not everything can be fixed and then it's time to let go of it ASAP. It's a very tough one for a stubbern person, but it's doable! So cheer up and let go! Luckily, it becomes easier with age...

Have a great week,

P.S.: Dúné is NOT breaking up! :)

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