onsdag den 25. april 2012

Matt's magic Monday

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Earlier today I was sitting in the sun wondering what to write about in my blog. Then it came to me: Why not ask you guys. After all you’re the ones who’re reading them. So I asked you on facebook and Twitter and got some nice answers/suggestions. Instead of just writing about one thing I have decided to write about everything you asked/suggested. Here we go:

Maiken 'Kasa' Borghus - About what's going on right now in your life. your best concert you've played: At the moment we’re (still) working on the new album. I have recently finished all the lyrics, but this time I’m not the only one writing lyrics! It’s hard to point out one specific one since their all unique, but supporting Muse and Foo Fghters was pretty cool!

Tanja Veraa - The date when you come to play in the Netherlands: Don’t know yet Tanja, but working on going there this year!

Miho Kashima - About the most favorite song in the songs of your band: Can’t choose between my darlings, but it’s gotta be one of the new songs!

Lena Kuzemina - About your hobbies, about music styles, about things that you love: I love reading a god book! At the moment I’m reading 1Q84. Music styles: I keep wondering if rock’n’roll is on the brink of mainstream distinction, but I can promise that we wont let that happen!

Sarah A. Vonundzuhintenundvorne - about everything! The new album, your hair, your poor händchen,our marriage, your favorite deodorant, how often do you brush your hair and omg is Ole using anabolica?
btw: how is your german?:

- 42
- Read above
- My hair is long blond and curly

- I crashed my hand through a car window on my way home on a bike. I cut  the artery from my index finger and underwent at surgery forcing me to wear this damn bandage for 3 weeks.
- Haha
- Whatever I find
- About once every third week
- NO! O.B.’s just dedicated
- It’s really bad

Karina Nikodemussen - About your life in 10 year (how you see ur future): Phew… School, Dúné. Future: MORE MUSIC!

Lærke Naja Bæk Pedersen - I think you should write about the things that make your guys happy right now. Like your friends and what made your day. Happiness is fucking important an when you have the chance to share it then do it! but thats just me: That’s so spot on Lærke! What makes me happy is the fact that I’m actually able to live from making music. When your everyday life (and problems) are just rolling as always I can sometimes forget what a huge privilege it is. It also making me happy that we’ve written a bunch of killer songs for our next album.

'Paukanexxx' - maybe you should write about coming to Poland... just sayin: At the end of this year or the first half of 2013!

'can_you_say' - I think you should write about football: Sucks that Baca lost the game against Real Madrid. The European Championship this summer will be super exciting! Crazy how Man. U. came back this season. The title game against Man. C. will be grazy!

'JessieRosePinup' - Me Ofc. Høhø: You’re a Lukas Graham and Dúné fan and you went to see Titanic 3D yesterday and thought it was awesome.

'Schizoidtaila' - dogs, food, cartoon, bananas, pringles, tim christensen, parrots, boat race, sustainability, beans, entrepreneurship?:
- Love them
- Love it!
- Hmmm
- They’re ok I guess
- Awesome
- Nice guy, great music
- They’re funny. I once tried to catch a loose one in Skive with my brother. Since parrots are not a normal sight in the Danish nature I guess it had escaped a cage or circus somewhere!
- My dad once got in as number 9in the “sjekt” world championship. 12 boats participated in the race.
- Keep evolving!
- Love them. Especially green beans.

I wrote this entire blog with my left hand. Auch
Have a nice week!

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