tirsdag den 17. april 2012


Hello everyone :)

I've got a good idea! Wouldn't it be fun to read about other Dúné fans? That's why i want to do this new thing on the blog: MEET A DÙNÈ FAN. If you want to be on the blog and tell about you as a Dúné fan, this is you're chance :)
I would be SO happy if you would like to do it!
You just have to send be a mail, where you answer the following questions and maybe attach a picture (You don't HAVE to do that.)

1. When and how did you discover Dúné?
2. Which song was the first you heard?
3. How many Dúné concerts (maybe festivals?) have you been to? (Where and which year?)
4. Do you have Dúné merchandise? (What kind)
5. Do you have a favourite member? (give a reason)
6. Favourite song, album and musicvideo? (give a reason)(you can also make a top 3 or something)
7. Do you have a good experience with Dúné, one og their songs or..? (explain)
8. How big a fan are you? (explain)
9. What do you think about Cille, Malte and Simon leaving the band? Are Dúné still as good, do they miss something now or what are your thoughts about it?
10. Why are you a Dúné fan?
11. Are there any other bands you can recommend to us Dúné fans?
12. Are there anything else? A funny story or just something else you want to tell?

-Remember you write your name, age and country in the mail!!!

-Write in english if you can, but dansih is also okay. You can also write in german, but then i will not promise that the translation is 100% right!


If you can't answer all the questions it's okay :) I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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