mandag den 14. februar 2011

Valentine quiz

I made a little quiz :)
See who your perfect Dúné-match is!

1. Which hairstayle (for boys) do you like the most?
A) Something crazy and special. I don't like boys with "normal" hair, cause' that's boring.
B) I don't care if the hair is curly or straight, as long he has black hair!
C) Brown curly hair is so cute...
D) Boys with long hair are hot and I like when they have curls too.
E) A middlething between long and short hair is nice.
F) I love blonde hair but i'm not a fan of curls.

2. What kind of clothes does your dream-guy wear?
A) He drives the Rockstyle and like to show his body!
B) I like when he has no shirt on, but if he has to wear clothes it's a mix between rock and his own style.
C) He has a fun and playful style and he likes to wear something where you can see his muscles.
D) Tight jeans, cool shirts and nice jackets is what he wear.
E) His style is very simple and he wear a lot of black.
F) A cool shirt and a pair of jeans is what he wear.

3. Is it okay that your guy has tattoos?
A) Fuck yeah! He can't get enough tattoos!
B) He can have a few, but i don't like it when it's extreme.
C) Yes, if they mean something for him it´s nice.
D) No i'm not a big fan of tattoos.
E) I think it's super hot with some tattos, but not too many.
F) It's okay if he want to have one, but not more than that one.

4. Which type of guys do you fall for?
A) The cool rock guy.
B) The mysteries guy.
C) The funny and cool guy.
D) The romantic and popular guy.
E) A big guy there can take care of me.
F) The cute and sweet guy.

5. Which of these "Enter Metropolis" songs do you like the most?
A) Everybody Fights The Lust
B) Remember
C) Victim Of The City
D) Heiress Of Valentina
E) Please Bring Me Back
F) Get It Get It
See your result after the cut (læs mere) :)

Most A's
Your perfect match is Danny :)

Most B's
Your perfect match is Piotrek :)

Most C's
Your perfect match is Ole :)

Most D's
Your perfect match is Mattias :)

Most E's
Your perfect match is Simon :)

Most F's
Your perfect match is Malte :)

So... Who was your perfect match? Leave a comment ;)

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