onsdag den 27. juni 2012


Do you like the new header?

Here are 2 other collages made by me.

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  1. btw. i was thinking, who are you, hahah? I mean, are you from Denmark, or? And du you have a twitter ot facebook acount that you would link? I could me nice to see you(-;'
    - also i love this blog. You are doing a great job!

  2. Thanks, you are so sweet<3

    Yes i am from Denmark, but I don't want everybody to know who i am and only a few of my friends knows about this blog. I think the focus should be on Dúné and not me, cause' that's what this blog is about.

    And Dúné do not know who I am though I've talked with them several times, I dont want to show off and then i'm also a bit shy when i'm near them...

    But maybe i could show you a picture some day or do a "Meet a dúné-fan" with myself :D

  3. I think i could be really cool if you did a 'Meet a dúné-fan' with yourself!(-:

  4. Then i will do it soon :)