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Ole's messy mixtape

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Submitted by Ole on Mon, 2012-06-25 14:50
Aloha everyone. It's summer but the sun isn't out today – we have a new album coming, but it's not out yet. To some, the comparison between the sun and our coming album might be a little rich, but for me nonetheless it's a good way to describe the anxiety I've been suffering from the past months. It's been like going through a rough winter where you work hard, stay focused and never loose sight of the treat – summer! That treat in my particular case is the record that we have (ALMOST) finished. The day that we are able to share the full sized thing with all of you is the next big step that I am looking forward to. Without all of you who listen to and enjoy our music this album would have never been a reality. And back to the blog presenting my current favorite tracks. I hope you'll enjoy them cause this week there are some pretty magnificent gems in between.

Chilly Gonzales – You can Dance
An instant summerhit if you ask me. It's funky, it's melodic and it has you smiling within the first couple of bars and hitting repeat when it's done!

Lydmor – Lamppost Light
Lydmor is an alias for the young electronica talent Jenny Rossander. I only just discovered her a month back, but I am hooked. There is a certain fragility in her music that captures me

Yuna – Lullabies(live)
You know how you sometimes race through 'Related Artist' in Spotify? That was how I discovered Yuna and she had me at hello with “Lullabies”. Intelligent pop music done right!

Woodkid – Run Boys Run
 Woke up one morning and faced a massive facebook-share-frenzy of this song and at some point my curiosity took over and started 7 days long “Run Boy Run” repeat orgy. Intriguing, great procudtion and orchestrated to perfection.

Mutemath - Odd Soul
Odd Soul is the titel song from Mutemath' third full-length studio album. Our beloved drummer Morten Hellborn got me hooked to this group a year ago, and this is one of these records I keep returning to when I'm struggling the occasional “new music drought”.

Enjoy everyone...

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