søndag den 5. august 2012

I'm needy

So far I havn't been to any Dúné concerts this year and that sucks BIG TIME. I feel I have missed so much. I can't belive I havn't heard their new songs live or seen them play with Morten Hellborn. I would have loved to see them this summer, but there has just been som problems.

1. I've been on 2 vacations, so havn't been much home and when I was, I also had other things to do and people to see.
2. I don't have anyone to go with and it's not much fun to go alone. My closest friends aren't fan of Dúné, one of them actually hates them (crazy, I know.)
3. None of their shows were near my home. Ok maybe some weren't that far away from me, but still.
4. Many of their concerts were on festivals and then I could say all the other 3 reasons again - No time, no one to go with and no festival near me.

This is all sad but true.

Then I thought about their concert at Christiania, cause' that not so far away and it's free, so maybe it would be easier to find some one to go with. I hope it will work out, so I can see them soon. Otherwise I will go crazy!!!

What about you? Have you been luckier than me?

Please let this be me very soon...

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