søndag den 10. oktober 2010

Are you going?

Dúné came up with this great news for about 2 weeks ago!
So are you going? And which show or shows are you going to?

Oh and i just found out that Dúné have linked me (if that's what it's called) on Facebook! :D
SO cool!

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  1. Wished we could...my daughters and a friend of theirs are HUGE Dúné fans...but Denmark is a bit far for us...;)...but we will follow the shows in Germany next year!

  2. I just can agree with the comment from Miss Feisty(?!), i would love to go to one of the showes but i just can travel to denmark...
    which one are you going to visite?
    Oh, also i am glad to found a fanwebside in the internet (okay,.. i found it because of facebook,but whatever :)) i like it !

  3. Don't know yet. maybe i'm not going to anyone, because my friends wont take with me and i don't want to go alone. That's kinda sad! :D

  4. Jeg skal til den i Århus med 2 veninder.
    Det bliver så fedt!
    Vi hørte dem i Svendborg for ikke særlig lang tid siden og de var for VILDE!

    Forresten - de har også linket til denne side på twitter :)

  5. I'm also a member of the ''Denmark is too far from us'' club :P
    btw this blog is so cool, I had no idea there was a blog about Dúné :)
    I even created a blogspot account just so I could comment here xD
    it's great to meet other fans :D

  6. Nice zararoed :) And thanks, i didn't knew they had linked me there too!

    I'm so glad you like it Eva Metropolis and i agree. It's so great to meet other fans :)

  7. Lena...I changed my name into my real name...better? :)

  8. Damn it. Just found out i can't go to the show in Portalen. I'm going to play a handball match! Then i hope i can see them in Copenhagen! And i hope one of my friends will go with me :D!