mandag den 11. oktober 2010

Question of the day!

Today my question is: Which Dúné Vlog do you think is the best and why?

I have to say "The pizza suprice" I really enjoy Mattias and Ole's dancing and they're just kinda funny in it :)

You can also see it by clicking on one of these links ;)

7 kommentarer:

  1. i really like the new one, too.
    it's about ... being the tallest and the smallest in band :D i really likes that one because iam also definetly not tall at all :D

  2. The Vlogs are always great fun to watch but my favorite has to be "Enter Metropolis Tour 2010 EPS 16" where they are skiing.. there's a part in the middle where they fall and it cracks me up every time I watch it :D

  3. Yeah that cracks me up every time too :D!

  4. I have a few...but my all time fav. is Olé dancing!!! Also we loveeeeeeeee the one with Fertig Los! Where they talk about the Exotengarten and the Schirmtanne!!! We always cry and are on the floor laughing, when Phillip speaks "funny German"...LOL...we also like the one there Olé talks about Danny having a hang over and always being in the BUS...there are so many funny ones...great and creative work with a lot of comedian skills...the PIZZA one is also very funny.

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Ole's dancing! He is so funny, but at the same time really cool ;D!

  6. my definite two faves would be the skiing and the day off in Düsseldorf!
    and also in Bremen (I think that's the one with Danny going back into the bus and that weird statue)... but all of them are simply great!
    oh and I forgot, the one their summer tour 2010, I think it's part 1. where they practice with the violins and all. with mattias' beautiful speech at the beginning <3
    oh and the pizza!!!

  7. I forgot to say why, but I think I don't even have to ;)