torsdag den 2. december 2010


Dúné in Vega yesterday was AWESOME!

First Laust Sonne played and he was kinda funny but it was also pretty cool! Then we waited like a half hour before Dúné came, and that was a little boring, but i forgot all about it when they started to play!

When they played "bloodlines" the danish musician Lucy Love came and that was really really cool :D
Hmm... what more can i tell? They looked great too ( Ole had some really fancy pink leopard pants on) and they were crazy and wonderfull as always ;)

And yes they could do it without Cille. I didn't even gave it a thought (that she was missing.) I don't mean that Cille wasn't important, but they are still amazing without her :)

After the concert i got my poster (the one you got, when you were one of the first 100) and after waiting Mattias & Ole came down and i got their autograph on my poster and a picture with them (and my 2 friends) Piotrek was also there, but i didn't get his autograph or a picture with him :(

It was a great evening and you guys in Germany have something to looking forward to...

I took many many pictures and you can se some off them after the cut (click on "Læs mere")

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  1. Sikke nogle flotte billeder du fik taget ;D Og ja, koncerten var bare helt FANTASTISK ! og det ser faktisk ud som om at jeg står lidt til venstre fra dig ;)