lørdag den 15. januar 2011

Old video with Mattias


About the video (thank tou google translate!): First Alternative Music channel A-One and the program Svezhak presents: VJ Chuck in the role of Darth Vader with the participation of special guest vocalist Mattias Kolstrup Danish rock band in the Dune vroli Luke Skywalker in an alternate version of the episode "Luke I am your father" epic "Star Wars !

And i think this is what they say;
- Hey, son, what are u doing there? Come over here!
- Nope!
- I said - come here at once! Obey when your farther speaks to u!
- U are not my farther.
- How dare u? I am your farther! If u don't come down in a second I'll give u a good talking-to with my lightsaber!
- I am not afraid of u!
- Okay son, then I'll talk to your mother and she'll send u away to Yoda forever!
- Oh no, please don't!
- Yeah, that's what I'm going to do! Yoda is 80 years old now and really needs a young Jedi nurse like u!

Transelation by; LinaFromRussia

Via/ Dune-fans(Facebook)

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