mandag den 30. maj 2011

New blog from Danny :)

Read the new blog from Danny at dunesite or after the cut!

I love festivals

Hi everybody!

Ever since the sun started shinning and it got warmer outside, i have been looking forward to start playing festivals! There is just something about it.. So many people, its outside, sun is often shinning, good mood, you meet a lot of people, i could keep on coming up with stuff.. All in all its awesome!
On top of that, we have been rehearsing a lot to be ready for you guys and girls..
And yesterday was the first show of the summer, in Jelling! The sun wasnt really out and it was raining a bit, but everybody was happy and going crazy.. Thank you, Jelling, for a great show! This summer will be the best.. Next show is in Skive on thursday, so i hope the people at home are ready for us!
So what do i wanna say? Well, actually just that i cant wait to play all the festivals this summer!! See you out there in the summer sun!

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