tirsdag den 23. november 2010

Dúné on "Natholdet"

Dúné was on "Natholdet" with Anders Breinholt (it's a dansih Tv-show.) I didn't saw it that day, but my dad talked about it! They made a "KopSwop" with Natholdet ;D A "Kopswop" is a thing, where "Natholdet" switches cups with someone else! So maybe someone saw a "Nathold-Kop" when they played in Odense...

Check it out in this video: Natholdet! (starts around 00.14.12)

And a note from Dúné's facebook:
Btw: The claim that we sell the cups on the auction service "Den Blå Avis" is a joke if anyone should be in doubt

Simon has also posted a picture on his Twitter with the cup ;)

Ah i like "Natholdet".... :D!

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