lørdag den 27. november 2010

Rocksoccer in Berlin

Tomorrow Dúné will play football in Berlin, so you german people HAVE to support them ;) And please film it if you have the chance! I would LOVE to see it :D

Here is what Mattias wrote about it on dunesite

Hey all!
Tomorrow Dúné will attend at the annul RockSoccer tournament in Berlin competing other bands based in the city.
We hope to win! If you would like to see how Dúné play football you should be there and support us.
Check out some more details HERE


And a question, what do you think of this idea? We could make a Chrismas/ new years video to Dúné? It's Cecille and Olivia's idea ;) It would be somthing like the video for Cille, and then we could say thank you for a great year or something ...

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