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Huge announcement... Cille is leaving Dúné

I think i just died... Yes Cille is leaving the band :( I can't belive it. I almost cried when i read it, and i'm not going to write so much about it right now...

Here's Cilles last vlog... She talks about why she left the band!

C's last Dúné vlog from Cecilie Dyrberg on Vimeo.

Cille, I think i'm talking for all fans, when i say we will miss you and we still love you! Thanks for all!

You can ask Cille question here: http://headliners.dk/nyheder/stil-spoergsmaal-til-cille-fra-dune.aspx If you don't understand (it's on danish) then the only thing you should do, is to send a mail with your question to nsc@headliners.dk.

Read more about Cilles decision after the cut (clik on: Læs mere)

From Dunesite:

We are very sorry to announce that Cecilie has chosen to leave the band Dúné after almost 10 successful years. Latest with Dúné's 2. Ablum  Enter Metropolis and the following 100 gig tour around Europe.
"My time with Dúné has been amazing. It has been the greatest 10 years of my life. But I have spent half of my life "in the world of Dúné" and it is time to try out something new.  From here there are so many ways to go and so many challenges I both musically and personally want to throw myself into. Of course it is a decision full of melancholy, but even more of an excitement and eager for the unknown new adventures that wait ahead. The wonderful times we have had together in Dúné have given my life an infinite value but, for me, the dream that used to carry the work is already outlived. Words can not describe my gratitude to all the amazing people and fans that have been a part of making the Dúné-dream come true. Who knows, we might see each other again!?" Says Cecilie

We are gonna miss her huge musicality and her way of controlling us boys, but we are also looking forward to continue as a six piece with the new challenges that give us. We can't wait to see you all at our gigs in Denmark and Germany this fall and winter, because we will not slow the band activities down a bit.
Thank you for the good years Chill!
- Mattias, Simon, Piotrek, Danny, Malte & Ole

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