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New blog from Mattias

Another new blog! This time from Mattias :)

Ass always - It's worth reading!

Read it at or after the cut!

I would love to hear the song about Simons cat! Haha...

Keep learning

Right now, I'm sitting in our rehearsal room, while Piotrek is tracking bass for a new song called “Believer.”
This is what we mainly do these days. One of us writes a song, or half a song, presents a riff or an idea to the others, then two or three of us work on the song ideas together. We'll usually work at home, before all of us give the song character in the rehearsal room. After playing it together a million times, we enter the studio and lay down the tracks with a producer. We finally found the best possible way of writing and recording music, and how to be creative in our own little universe.

We've come a long way. I've been making music for 13 years now. 10 of which were with Dúné. 9 of those years with original material. We were playing all sorts of lame cover songs in the beginning, before my big brother Jeppe practically forced me to start writing my own songs.  The first song I ever wrote was called “Strand”, or “Beach” in English. It was a simple pop tune with a guitar riff in the beginning and some really lame lyrics about meeting the girl I’m in love with at the beach, but she's with some random stud of a guy. I'm heartbroken until I find the courage to walk up to her and say hello. And I find out that the stud is actually her brother. Not exactly the Einstein of lyrics, but it was a great first step in writing our own songs.
More songs like Yesterday", "I”, Miav (about Simon's cat!), Life is Good, Let's Jump”, Because and “Searching Space” followed.
We learned a lot with each song we made, and became better and better.
Fact is, we’re still on this journey. A journey that will hopefully never end. There’s so much to learn about writing and recording, and even though it’s been a lot of years now, I feel like we are just really getting started.

What I came to realize during the last years, is to never tell myself that I’m done learning.  I can always learn more. It’s simply impossible to reach the absolute limit.

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