fredag den 17. juni 2011

New blog from Piotrek

There all in blog mood these days :D
But it's fine with me, I love reading them!

This time it's a blog written by Piotrek. It's about saying goodbye to an ol "friend".

Read it at or after the cut!

Hi there!

How are you all doing?

The summer has finally arrived. Days are longer, and nights are getting shorter. We are all longing to spend as much time outside, as possible.
For you, who are still going to school, the glorious time of the summer vacation will soon begin.
Yeah, I guess you are doing well.

I could write about what is currently going on in the band, but after reading Danny’s latest blog, I don’t find it very necessary.

New tattoos, new songs, summer festival gigs. Ahh, it’s all so exciting! Read his blog for more details.
Tomorrow, I will say goodbye to an old friend. I'm speaking about my old bike.

Once upon a time on a sunny day in Viborg, Denmark, I was having a walk with a friend of mine. We went to Nordsøen the Northern Lake. At some point, I was having a walk with a friend of mine. We went to ”Nordsøen” – the Northern Lake. At some point, I was standing on a little pier, staring out at the water and I saw something strange laying on the bottom of the lake. Toghether with my friend, we managed to ”fish”it out from the water. I took a thorough look at it and noted that it was a very nice old bike in quite a good condition. So we decided to take it in.

A couple of days and a couple hunderd of Danish crowns later, I had a nice, old and fully functional bike. This happened shortly before we moved to Copenhagen, so the timing was perfect.

We got to know each other incredibly fast. We went almost everywhere together - to the rehearsal hours, to the parties, to dates and meetings with friends. We share a lot of fantastic memories all those kilometers! Oh my!

Unfortunately, my old friend became old, tired and he can not join me on my journeys any longer.

The day has come, when we have to part ways. It's very emotional.

The same way, we sometimes have to say goodbye to our friends. It will always be sad and hard, but we cannot run from it.

Let this be the message of this blog: ”Treasure your real friendships and fight for them. Otherwise they will get old, and you will grow apart”.

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