tirsdag den 9. november 2010

Let's make something for Cille...

Okay, i'm still sad, but i try to tell myself that she's not dead or anything, so everything will be fine :)
And let's see the good things in this. This will mean that Ole is going to play a lot more, and we will see much more to his talent!

But i got an idea. I think we should do something to show Cecilie how much we will miss her! I was thinking something like a video maybe.

So PLEASE send me a video-clip (where you says something about/to Cille), a picture, a message you will give her (Cille), anything! Then (if i have enough material) i will make a video and send a link to Cille so she can se it!

Tell everyone you know to send something to Dunerocks@hotmail.dk
And send it as soon as you can, i will make it before the end of the week ;)

So lets give Cille some love!<3

4 kommentarer:

  1. till the end of the week?
    waaah i want definetly take a part in this !

  2. Just mail me something then ;)
    A picture, video clip (you can film yourself talkring or something like that)! I would LOVE to show it too her in the end of the week, but if there isn't enought material i will wait...

  3. Har du sendt noget ind til hende? (: