tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

2 Dúné Dj-sets

Dúné will play a Dj-set in Århus and another in Odense!

2/3 2012 they will play on V58 in Århus.
You have to be 18 and it wil cost 50 dkr.

More info HERE!

3/3 2012 they will play in Odense to the Spleen United Afterparty.
When you have ticket to the Spleen United concert it's free!

More info HERE!

Sounds very cool! If you can, go see Spleen United - they are great and with a Dúné Dj-set to the afterparty it's gonna be a perfect night!

søndag den 26. februar 2012

Thoughts - Band members leaving Dúné

Once there was 7, then there were 6, then there were 5 and now there are 4...

I think we all remember when Cille left the band... It was SO sad, I know many fans cried when they heard this. It was schocking! I mean we all thought Dúné was inseparable. And why Cille? Cille gave Dúné an extra touch, she was important for the band!

But it was not the end! Dúné continued to play amazing concerts!

Then Malte decided to leave the band. Not quite the same big suprise. Malte had previously considered to leave the band. But Malte gave Dúné an extra touch, he was important. He was the drummer, how could Dúné continue without a drummer? 

But it was not the end! Dúné continued to play amazing concerts, now with the drummer Morten Hellborn.

Then Simon left the band. Simon lives in Denmark, the other members lives in Germany, that must be hard sometimes. But still, I had not seen it coming. I thought these 5 guys would stay together forever. Simon also gave Dúné and extra touch, he was important for the band!

But this is not the end! Dúné will still continue to play amazing concerts! We still have another awesome guitarist, so let's be gratefull for that! And Dúné have promised that they will stay together! I truely belive in this! Somtimes, when I think about it, I think it's so sad that 3 members have left the band. It's not the same Dúné anymore, but it is still Dúné and I will stil continue to listen to their music! Somtimes changes can be a good thing and i'm excited to see how the new album is going to be.

Interview with Matt

Read this, it's a great interview with Mattias!

Read it after the cut or at Shoutoutmusic

Oles messy mixtape

Here is another round of "Oles messy mixtape" !

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

Dry lips - The best danish pop song?

Hi i'm back again after a week in Austria...

Poplick has nominated "Dry lips" as one of the best danish pop songs of the last 20 years!

Vote on facebook HERE


onsdag den 15. februar 2012

Matt's magic monday

New blog from Mattias about Simon exit. He also promise that no moore members will leave Dúné! What a relief!

Read it after the cut!

mandag den 13. februar 2012

Article about Simons exit

Here is an article from poplick about Simons exit. Read it after the cut!
(only on danish)

Simon is leaving Dúné

Now Simon is leaving Dúné too :( Let's hope he was the last!

I have also been wondering, cause' we havn't really seen him in looooong time. He have not been in the last videoes and he havn't wrote blogs since the summer...

I think it's very sad and I wish him all the best!

Read more about it on dunesite.com. You can also read it after the cut!

tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Swim just swim...

//The gifs are from the "Lifes's what you make it" video.//

New blog from Piotrek

A new "monday"- blog from Piotrek. The blogs are always late :D

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

søndag den 5. februar 2012

Summer festivals (2012)

Dúné will attend to the following festivals this year! More dates will me added.

06.07.2012 - Haze over Haarum (Time TBA)
06.08.2012 - Nord-Als Musikfestival (20:30)
06.17.2012 - Northside (Time TBA)

07.07.2012 - Nibe Festival (Time TBA)
07.21.2012 - Samsø Festival (Time TBA)

08.25.2012 - Madsby Rock (Time TBA


Backstage a X-factor

Here is a backstagevideo with Mattias and the X-factor host Lise Rønne. She has a little crush on him...
(On danish)