søndag den 10. oktober 2010

question of the day!

I will start to make these question of the day. Maybe i won't post a question every day, but at least 2-3 times at week.

So today my question is: What is your favorite Dúné song and why?

I'm not sure. Maybe victim of the city or The world is where we're heading (stages), just because they both give me this amazing feeling! It's really hard to explain, but it's just like, if you turn the volume up and just listens to the song(s), nothing else matters and i'm just in my own little world which is fucking lovely!
But then i would also like to say 80 years. Because that was the first song by Dúné i heard! It's so amazing too!

yeah it's a difficult choice!
But let me hear what YOU think :)

STAGES! I think that's my final choice! Click on the link and watch the video ;)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Right now it's Heat and everybody fights the lust!
    I totally love them!

  2. Oh i totally Love them too!
    But i don't hear Heat so much right now... I think i heard it too much at a time.. :D!

  3. "Get it Get it" is my favorite! It makes me feel exactly as young inside as everyone my age should feel. Life is not a funeral..."All our lifes we just wait, wait, wait to die! Enjoy your youth!"...and each time I hear it is like the first...GREAT!

  4. At the moment, 'Remember' is on repeat but I don't know if I could choose just one song as a favorite - it really depends on my mood.

    If I have to, it'll be 'Go Go Valentina' because I like how the lyrics and the music compliment each other.

    And then again, since the first time I heard 'Revelation' I was mesmerized because to me it seems to be so different from the other songs - very intense and beautifully sung by Mattias..