søndag den 10. oktober 2010

Song quotes

Here are some of my favorite lines from all the fantastic Dúné-songs :)

Life is not a Party!

I will be anywhere, anywhere you will be...

All of our lives we just wait to die!

Remember to still feel love

Through love and hate we overcome the demons inside

But now i'm free to do what i want

Just let me go

Now you can see her dancing, you can tell she's beautiful

Why am i afraid to die?

Would you die in 80 years with me?

You're the only one who sees me...

Life is not worth pretending
You shall made is grow.

At the end of day even Jesus had to pay

Break the chains there hold you!

None of us can change the past, but i'm enjoying every second...

Real men do cry!

All i wanted was to dance with you!

You have transformed to be what i see as an enemy

Why don't i see all the trouble you should have?

When you're near the world disappears!

What are your favorites?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  2. Just wanted to add a couple of lines:

    - now I'm free to do what I want and now I'm free to think on my own

    - freedom is to embrace our fears