torsdag den 22. september 2011

Dúné Pearlplate

Michala send me this picture of a Pearlplate (perleplade) with the text "Dúné"

I think it's very cool and it's something you can easily make yourself. And you can do like Michala and put it in a chain (and use ist as a necklace),hang it up in your room or something else!

Which song is it?

Here is a mini quiz :) You get a line and then try to guess which Dúné song it is...
Find the answer after the cut!

Song 1 - "In my most desperate hour I'm covered in pills"

Song 2 - "Life is not worth pretending"

Song 3 - "Was an overreaction that could cause death some day"

Song 4 - "His life changed to an evil ring"

Song 5 - "All my youths langing to cut the strings"

Please tell me, how many you could guess!

mandag den 19. september 2011

Summer part 2

Here it is! Sorry for not posting it before now, but I playde handball this weekend, so I hasn't been online.
But better later than never - right?

torsdag den 15. september 2011

A song can change a life

In 2009 I didn't knew much about Dúné. One of my friends big sister was a fan of them, so I knew, that there was a band called Dúné, but I didn't hear their music. But then one day...
One day I was watching the dansih music-program "Boogie" and suddenly I hear this song called "Victim of the city." I was almost in love. I don't know why I liked it. It was just full with energy and it was something I hadn't heard before. Back then, my music taste wasn't that special, I just heard what all my friends heard. But that song touched something in me. It was a new kind of music. A kind of music I liked much better than the music my friends heard.
So then I downloaded their brand new album "Enter Metropolis." I loved every single song on that record. I heard them again and again and then I downloaded their other album "We are in there, you are out here" and I loved every single song on that record too. I had suddenly become a "Dúné-victim"!

Then i also began to hear other bands like Muse and other rock/alternative/indie-rock bands. It was a whole new world to me and I couldn't understand, why I hadn't heard any of this kind of music before. It was like I had found the door to Narnia.

So that one song, really changed my life.

Ps. Talking about victims, please check this blog out:
It's a new blog about rockmusic and I think it's going to be really good. So far it's very cool!

I don't no why, but I can't leave a comment on this post... But yes - I did pay for the music. Of course!

Smile :)

FLASHBACK: Danish Music Awards 2008

In 2008 Dúné won 3 awards at Danish Music Awards. Here is a little flashback from that evening...

Not the best video, but..


mandag den 12. september 2011

Mattias featuring on Filur song

Mattias is featuring on the song "Live & Learn" by the danish duo Filur!

You can find the song on their new album "faces"

Check Filur out here and get more info: filurfaces

FILUR - LIVE & LEARN FEAT.MATT KOLSTRUP from Mattias Troelstrup on Vimeo.

søndag den 11. september 2011


Sounds - Ole in underpants

So today Dúné played at Sounds festival and as you might remember, Ole was going to were some really nice underpants...

Picture from Dúné support!

Mattias' birthday

Today it's Mattias' birthday!


Hope you had a fantastic day!

lørdag den 3. september 2011


A long, wet summer is over and we actually promised ourselves not to play anymore shows in 2011. The bare thought of not playing for so long then became too intimidating and we decided to play a concert in Voxhall, Aarhus (DK) on October 1st, to give a big thanks to Aarhus, which was the venue for the more or less, only sunny "Open Air Festival" this summer. We have prepared a very special set list for you and are very much looking forward to party with our friends!
Since we had already started booking gigs, we thought we could stop by the Danish cities Assens, Skibby and Rødovre for the first time in our career as well."
The tour calendar looks as follows:


Are you going to one of the concerts?