søndag den 10. oktober 2010

If Dúné were a cake... Ready to laugh? :D

I just saw this interview with Mattias, Ole and Simon again and yes i did laugh a lot! I always see this if i'm down, because it always make me happy again!

It's in danish but i can tell you what it is about ;)
First Mattias says that they have compared each other with books and Ole is the Old Testament. Big and filled with shit. And Danny is a Pixi-book. Because he is small and very unintelligent.
Then they talk about that they also have compared each other with cakes. And Ole tells that it's always Mattias there starts with the comparings. So he is always a good thing and then he (Ole) become a truffle (don't know if that's what you call it on english, but it's a cake made of remnants from other cakes) But he says he is a truffle, all good from the floor :D And Mattias add "It's sickly, but people buy it anyway! And then they starts too laugh SO much! Then Mattias says that he think he is a homemade syrup cake, delicious all the way through. More laugh...Then they talk about which cake Danny and "Guffe" (Simon) are. Danny is a Dan-cake. Cheap and unhealthy but very popular!

it's Tjeck who made the interview and if you check their youtube-channel out you can see more clips from the interview! youtube.com/TJECKMagazine

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  1. Thank you for the translation...I am sure it is funny when understood...;)

  2. You're welcome :)
    But yeah i think it's funnier when you can understand it ;)

  3. haha I died from laughing even when I didn't understand a word x'D
    ''Cheap and unhealthy but very popular'' is definitely my favorite moment x'D

  4. I was laughing myself over in front of my desk, even though I don't understand a word of Danish! LOL
    Now I understand why it succeeds in making you happy every time.
    Can I translate the story into Chinese plz? And post it to my blog, which I sometimes post notes about Dúné since few people know about them in where I am. I'll put on the reference and repost the link as soon as I done the work. =)
    You and they make my day, again!!

  5. Thank you, H!!
    I've finished it, and here's the link: