tirsdag den 7. august 2012

søndag den 5. august 2012

I'm needy

So far I havn't been to any Dúné concerts this year and that sucks BIG TIME. I feel I have missed so much. I can't belive I havn't heard their new songs live or seen them play with Morten Hellborn. I would have loved to see them this summer, but there has just been som problems.

1. I've been on 2 vacations, so havn't been much home and when I was, I also had other things to do and people to see.
2. I don't have anyone to go with and it's not much fun to go alone. My closest friends aren't fan of Dúné, one of them actually hates them (crazy, I know.)
3. None of their shows were near my home. Ok maybe some weren't that far away from me, but still.
4. Many of their concerts were on festivals and then I could say all the other 3 reasons again - No time, no one to go with and no festival near me.

This is all sad but true.

Then I thought about their concert at Christiania, cause' that not so far away and it's free, so maybe it would be easier to find some one to go with. I hope it will work out, so I can see them soon. Otherwise I will go crazy!!!

What about you? Have you been luckier than me?

Please let this be me very soon...

Pictures from Bork

If you want to see some pictures from Bork Havnefestival, you can click on the 2 links below.

1. dagbladet ringskjern
2. Dúné supports facebook page (picture from here)

lørdag den 4. august 2012

Get Dannys style

This time you can get Dannys style.

You can also get Mattias' style HERE
And Oles style HERE

Links below the picture

MAN: Hat H&M, Jacket Gabba, Tank Cheap Monday, Gloves H&M, Jeans Cheap Monday, Sunglasses
Rayban, Shirt H&M

Woman: Hat H&M, Jacket Zara, Jeans Topshop, Gloves Wow a-head, Sunglasses Rayban, Top H&M, Shirt Tiger of Sweden

fredag den 3. august 2012

We look hot

Because I love the let's-take-a-picture-of-ourselves-in-the-window-cause'-we-look-hot.

torsdag den 2. august 2012

Se & Hør

This picture is from the danish gossip magazine "Se og hør."

"Kvinderne vil have os" (The women want's us) HAHAHAHA. But it's true...

I want to read the article, but I don't know if you can buy it anymore. There come's a new magazine every week, and I just came back. Have any of you bought it?

/Dúné support - btw check their facebooksite out, they have 2 competitions right now.

UPDATE - English translation of the article on Dúné support Poland


Dúné will play another show in Germany. It will take place at SputnikHalle in Münster on September 2nd!

More info on dunesite.com

Poplick interview

A very nice poplick interview! Read it after the cut (only in danish, but there are some pretty pictures so check it out anyway.)

To the non danish readers I can tell you, that the last time Ole and Danny slept in a tent was in 2010 in Mattias' garden. At a festival in 2009 they played mud frisbee. Danny stays hot/pretty by eating what he want's and get a lot of tattos and he has a dog (I didn't know that.)

Sådan holder Dúné sommerferie

Summervlog part 1

Hello everyone i'm back again after another vacation. I will post everything I have missed as soon as I can.

Let's start with the new Dúné summervlog. It's been a while since the last vlog, so it's so nice to watch this new one. I love their vlogs!

Hahah love the ending :D

mandag den 23. juli 2012

Essen Original

Great news for german fans. Dúné wil play at Essen Original on September 1st.

More info on dunesite.com and HERE!

søndag den 22. juli 2012

Interview from Nibe festival

A bit late, but I just forgot it. Sorry.
But here it is! They talk about their concert at Nibe festival.

(In danish)

Via Dúné support

fredag den 20. juli 2012

Dúné in the studio

Here are some pictures with Dúné in the studio. They are all from their facebookpage and there you can also read a small text to every picture.



torsdag den 19. juli 2012

The sun over green hills

Here's a sneakpeek of one of a new Dúné song called "The sun over green hills"
What do you think about it? I really like it!

(Video from Dunesupport)

onsdag den 18. juli 2012

TV-interview with Mattias

Tv midt-vest made an interview with Mattias back in 2011. It's a program called "Vis mig dit liv" ("Show me your life) and Mattias has some of his personal stuff with him and then tells a bit about them. A very good interview where you get to know much about him. He also talks a bit about Cille's exit and his feelings about it, something I hadn't really heard before. So check it out if you havn't already.

(In danish) - If you want, I can make a short translation to some of the video. Let me know if you are interested by leaving a comment.

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012

Pictures from Nibe festival

Here are som pictures from this years Nibe festival, all by Poul Rasmussen.


Small Mattias interview

Here's a small interview with Mattias from Eurowoman.dk. It's on danish, but I made a quick translation to english.

Read the interview after the cut.

20 skud fra hoften: Mattias Kolstrup

mandag den 16. juli 2012

Funny outfit

Just made this picture. Is it funny?
If you have any ideas to picture like this, send me a mail to dunerocks@hotmail.dk

Matt's magic monday

Another blog. This time from Mattias.

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

I'm really looking forward to the new album, can't wail anymore. I mean months? Why couldn't it just be days?

Blog from Piotrek

Blog from Piotrek about summer. Nice reading in this wonderfull sommer weather (ironic, it's raining all the time)

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

Streams from Dansylvania

I'm back again after my vacation.

Read Dannys blog after the cut or at dunesite.com. I really like this one!

fredag den 29. juni 2012

onsdag den 27. juni 2012


Do you like the new header?

Here are 2 other collages made by me.

tirsdag den 26. juni 2012

fredag den 22. juni 2012

torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Pictures from Northside

Here is a bunch of pictures from Northside (more under the cut/click "læs mere")


 /Pictures from poplick and Gaffa

More pictures here:

A new album is on its way


Hello everybody
We are super excited to tell you that we have been in the studio recording our 3rd album since January 13th, here in Berlin. At the moment we are mixing the album with the producer Kevin Paul (Depeche Mode, Nick Cave).
We've been going at this since January, and you might wonder why we have been so secretive about it. It's becuase we've been going in different directions and we diden't really know when, where and how. Not we know and we're extreemly proud of the product so far and we can't wait to start publishing little things. Soon you'll know more!
- Dúné


tirsdag den 19. juni 2012

Get Ole's style

This time you can get Ole's style. Get links to the stores under the picture!

Collage made by dunerocks/H

Men: Leather jacket: Pepe jeans, Black T-shirt: Cheap Monday, Dúné T-shirt: dunesite-shop, Leopard jeans: 3rdand56thstreetclothing, Denim jacket: Lee, Boots: MCS

Women: Leather jacket: Topshop, Black T-shirt: mtwtfss-weekday, Dúné T-shirt: Dunesite-shop, Denim jacket with spikes: Topshop, Boots: Nelly, Leopard jeans: Urban Outfitters

What do you thin about Ole's style?

mandag den 18. juni 2012

Blog from Northside

New blog from Mattias about the Northside festival :)

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

Interview from Northside

/video from overspring.dk

Remember Valentina

Oh yes a new song about Valentina! I think the story about Valentina is great, so i'm happy they still make songs about her... What do you think about their new song?

/Video by Dúné Support

Read the story about Valentina HERE!

søndag den 17. juni 2012

Naked Ole

Like many other danish people Ole decided to pose like Simon Poulsen (danísh footballplayer) and he did it naked!!!

Read the article from poplick after the cut and see the picture of naked Ole :)

Dúné-Ole smider tøjet til ære for Simon Poulsen

P.s we beat you tonight Germany!

Reviews from Nothside festival

Here are 2 reviews from Dúnés show at Northside festival. Click on the links to read them.
(They are in danish)

Gaffa: 5 out of 6 stars, CLICK HERE TO READ
BT: 5 out of 6 stars, CLICK HERE TO READ

Photo from BT by Camilla Rønde

torsdag den 7. juni 2012

Get Mattias' style

 Mattias has a very cool style and if you want to have his look this collage can help you.
See where you can buy the clothes under the picture. Click on the link and get to the shop.

Collage made by H/dunerocks.com

Left, for men: Plaid shirt: Weekday, Sneakers: Converse, Belt: H&MJeans: mtwtfss-weekday, Blazer: H&M, Boots: Ben Sherman, buy them on Heppo.dk White shirt: H&M, Black shirt: Cheap monday, buy it on weekday.com Sunglasses: Rayban

Right, for women: Sunglasses: Rayban, Blazer: H&M, Plaid shirt: Topshop, White shirt: Bik Bok. Jeans: Cheap monday, buy them on weekday.com, Black shirt with gold chain: Sister Jane, Topshop, Belt: H&M, Sneakers: Converse, Boots: Esprit, buy them on heppo.dk

What do think about this post? Do you want something like this, just with one of the other guys?

onsdag den 6. juni 2012

Dúné to Bornholm

Dúné will play at Wonderfestiwall on August 23rd.
The festival takes place on Bornholm.

More info here: wonderfestiwall.dk

Are you going to se Dúné at some festivals this year?

Matts magic monday

A new story about Mattias' scars :)

Read the blog after the cut or at dunesite.com

tirsdag den 29. maj 2012

Mattias and Justin Bieber

Yes Mattias and Justin Bieber in the same sentence sounds wierd, but Mattias was mentioned on the radioprogram "Er det fredag? (is it friday?) because he and Justin Biber had made the same tweet. Mattias says that it's just a coincidence. They talk about it in the beginning (on danish).

The tweet was: Did anybody ever found out who let the dogs out?

Mattias' festival recommendation

Dúné v. Mattias Kolstrup

/Polick.dk/ Via Dúné Support
Hvilken festival skal man tage til i år?
»Northside. Det har udviklet sig til en enorm fed festival (tør jeg sige, at det har det bedste musikprogram af dem alle?)«.

Hvad skal man se?
»Udover at du selvfølgelig skal komme og se os spille en røvfuld friske sange, så er det jo et ’tag selv bord’ af interessante navne. Personligt glæder jeg mig mest til Garbage, der er blandt mine barndomshelte«.

torsdag den 24. maj 2012

Meet a Dúné fan: Nanna

This time you can meet 18 years old Nanna from Ringsted in Denmark.

Among other thinks you can read her many thoughts about Cille, Malte & Simon leaving the band and why Mattias is her favourite bandember.

Read more after the cut :)

 Thank you so much to Nanna :)
And if you want to be the next, you can read more here: dunerocks.blogspot.com/dune-fan

tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

Black and white


*click for bigger*

Blog from Piotrek

New blog from Piotrek :)

read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

And be sure to check the blog later this week, a new "meet a dúné fan" is coming up!

mandag den 21. maj 2012

Matt's magic monday

Here's a blog from Mattias about some of his scars :)

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com

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tirsdag den 8. maj 2012

onsdag den 25. april 2012

Guess who: shoe edition

Here are 4 pairs of shoe. Can you guess who the different pair of shoes belongs to?

A                                                     B

C                                                         D

See the answers after the cut!