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Matt's magic monday

Another blog. This time from Mattias.

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I'm really looking forward to the new album, can't wail anymore. I mean months? Why couldn't it just be days?



We have entered a peculiar time in the album process. We’re at the point where all the music is completely done, apart from additional mixing like radio edits, single cuts and so on, which is technical, not taking a lot of brain power.

The artwork has also more or less been settled. At the same time the people we’re working with are preparing for the release.

There’s still a couple of months till the album comes out, we’ll tell you when, soon. There’s still some time before all the promotion work kicks off and it’s not like we’re overstretching ourselves with festival gigs this summer.

These things are not taking too much focus for Danny, Piotrek, Ole Bjórn or myself. Indeed, we have to make final decisions and say yes and no to stuff, but we’re not doing the actual hands-on work apart from a press-photo session tomorrow.

So what to do? Piotrek went to Poland for some days, Danny took a week off somewhere and Ole Bjórn is producing my big brother's solo debut album in my living room. And me?

During the entire process of making this album, I (and whoever was in the studio) have been filming hours of material with our Canon camera.

It wasn’t exactly my plan to edit all this stuff myself, but since we suddenly had some time at hand I decided to do it. This assignment is a huge time consumer. Let me be straight with you; being in the studio gets a bit tiring in the end and the thought of re-living the whole thing again, through the hours of video material, almost seemed unbearable in the beginning.

Luckily, it actually turned out great. I have seen how much fun we've had during those months and how much the songs grew during the whole process.

Sitting alone in my kitchen all day long may not be the sexiest experience, which is why I’m very happy to have Johann and Ole Bjórn in the living room. It creates this looming creative atmosphere in my flat, which is really cosy to be a part of.

We’ll soon tell you how to get your hands on the exclusive material we have accumulated.

Hope you’ll all enjoy your week!

- Matt

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