tirsdag den 29. november 2011


Here is an article from skiverentliv.dk :)

Click for bigger!

You can also read it HERE!

mandag den 28. november 2011

Echoes Of December - Session 1

This is "Falling Into Pieces". The first song from the brand new EP "Echoes Of December", out in December!

On every Advent Sunday a new song from the EP will be presented as a rehearsal room live session.

How lovely is this? I'm looking forward to next sunday! :)

lørdag den 19. november 2011

tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Rocksoccer in Berlin

UPDATE: Dúné have canceld :(

Like last year, Dúné will attend Rock soccer in Berlin and play against other bands :)
More infor here: rocksoccer.de


This monday it was Piotrek who wrote on the blog :) Read it after the cut!

And it looks like a good cake...

Summer Tour part 4

tirsdag den 8. november 2011

Matt's magic monday :)

Mattias wrote a new blog where he also tell about a new concept on the blog at Dunesite.com :)

Read it after the cut or at dunesite.com!

onsdag den 2. november 2011

tirsdag den 1. november 2011

Can't escape it

Article from Kino

Here's a small article from Kino about Dúnés new song :)

Not anything new and it's only in danish!

Anyway read it after the cut!