mandag den 27. december 2010

P3 lytterhittet

Update: They're in the semifinals (top 10)

Remember to vote for "Heriess of Valentina"

read more here:

Mattias' scar

I have heard so many stories about Mattias' scar.

Question of the day:
Which stories have you heard about his scar?

I heard it was a cat who did it, he got it when he did a video-stunt and that he got it because he had hit himself with a microphone ;)

Well, here is the reason :

"I 2007 smadrede jeg min næse, da jeg ved et uheld gled i sneen og faldt virkelig uheldigt ned på en kantsten, hvilket resulterer i at jeg i dag har et stort ar på næsen"

"In 2007, I smashed my nose when I accidentally slipped in the snow and fell really bad down on a curb, and that's why I today has a big scar on my nose"
Without and with the scar ;)

fredag den 24. december 2010

onsdag den 22. december 2010

Mattias' wishes

This is from P3.
It's really funny, read it after the cut (læs mere)

Så er den gal igen! P3-leaks afslører en pinlig mailudveksling mellem Mattias fra Dúné og Julemanden

tirsdag den 21. december 2010

Mattias on P3 Login

Yester day Mattias was on the radio (P3) He was a guest host on the radio-program "Login" where he (and the "real" host and another man) helped a girl with her love-problem ;)
He was actually good to it!

He also talked about other things like christmas, Cille, the future and "80 years"

Listen to it here:

First click on "Log in på P3" and then it's the one from 21/12-10

It's on danish, but leave a comment if you want to know what they're talking about, then i will write some of it in english!

fredag den 17. december 2010

Fan-made Heriess of Valentina video

I have seen this for a while ago, but if you havn't seen it check it out, cause' its reallt really good!
It's made by Daniel Gottschling ;)

Heiress of Valentina – Dúné (non official) from Daniel knows Fxxr on Vimeo.

torsdag den 16. december 2010

Mattias' christmas

Read about Mattias christmas after the cut (click "Læs mere) You can read it in both danish and english :)

onsdag den 15. december 2010

Ginger Ninja as support

Ginger Ninja will be the support-band to the German concerts!

That's not fair :(! I want to go! :D But gernman people you should look forward to this, Ginger Ninja is an amazing band!

This is one of their song:

mandag den 13. december 2010

Pictures from Vega

Pictures from Vega by Michael Boe Laigaard!

See them here: facebook

Or see them after the cut (click "Læs mere")

Diary 2 - Merry christmas

New HQ diary ;)
You can also watch it on dunesite

I like their wishes :D

What do you wish for christmas ? :)

Rock Under Broen & Danmarks smukkeste festival

Dúné will play to "Rock under broen" & "Danmarks smukkeste festival" in 2011 ;)

Buy your tickets to "Rock under broen" HERE!

You can also buy tickets to Nibe festival now ;)

lørdag den 11. december 2010

Thank you!

I would just say thank you to all the people who read this blog!
Dúné just posted a link to the blog on Facebook and Twitter (again) and that's just awesome!

fredag den 10. december 2010

Birk & Malte

This is cool :)
A video with Birk (drummer, Laust Sonne) and Malte where they talks about their drums ;) Made by Mattias for Roan!

Roan Custom presentation w. Birk Nevel & Malte Aarup-Sórensen from Mattias Kolstrup on Vimeo.

mandag den 6. december 2010

Question of the day!

Update: Mattias said that it's not him. He also said that they probably think it's him and that's why his name stands here: Youtube (0.35) But come on! They should know who sing the song, so I don't think they just guess it's him!

Okay so I got a mail from Nanna and i know a lot of other people think the same ;)
The thing is, that the themesong in Phineas and Ferb sounds like it's sung by Mattias!
Well i don't know. Yes i can hear that it sounds like him, but still i think the voice (from the themesong) is a little darker... But then again it really sounds like him :D!

But what do you think? Is this Mattias?

Maybe we should ask him...

lørdag den 4. december 2010

Augusta Glahn-Abrahamsen & Mattias in Spreepark

I just found something from P1 ;) It's a reportage about "Spreepark" in Berlin made by Augusta Glahn-Abrahamsen. The park/tivoli isn't open anymore, but it's still there and it's kinda scary! She visited the park and she had Mattias with her! You can't hear much with him, but the story/reportage is really really good and exciting so check it out! (it's on danish)

Listen to it here : Reportagen - Spreepark

Mattias in his yellow jacket (from Spreepark)

fredag den 3. december 2010

The other "H*A*S*H" song

Here is the other song from det adventcalender "H*A*S*H" which Mattias sing with Sys Bjerre, Johan Olsen & Michael Møller :) It's nice...

Mattias' part starts at 1.17

Thank you Cecilie :)

Dúné on "Natholdet" (again)

Dúné was on "natholdet" again. This time Anders (the host) has received a letter from Dúné...
(Remember the thing about "Den blå avis" is a joke ;) !)

Watch it here: natholdet-25650
Starts at 00:13:29

"NÙDÈ" too funny :D!

torsdag den 2. december 2010


Dúné in Vega yesterday was AWESOME!

First Laust Sonne played and he was kinda funny but it was also pretty cool! Then we waited like a half hour before Dúné came, and that was a little boring, but i forgot all about it when they started to play!

When they played "bloodlines" the danish musician Lucy Love came and that was really really cool :D
Hmm... what more can i tell? They looked great too ( Ole had some really fancy pink leopard pants on) and they were crazy and wonderfull as always ;)

And yes they could do it without Cille. I didn't even gave it a thought (that she was missing.) I don't mean that Cille wasn't important, but they are still amazing without her :)

After the concert i got my poster (the one you got, when you were one of the first 100) and after waiting Mattias & Ole came down and i got their autograph on my poster and a picture with them (and my 2 friends) Piotrek was also there, but i didn't get his autograph or a picture with him :(

It was a great evening and you guys in Germany have something to looking forward to...

I took many many pictures and you can se some off them after the cut (click on "Læs mere")

Song from H*A*S*H

Mattias sing this song "Altings Intethed" for the advent calender (julekalender) H*A*S*H!
Watch the calender here :

He will also be on the song "Livets Lyse Sider" (with SYS BJERRE, JOHAN OLSEN and MICHAEL MØLLER) but the video isn't out yet. The soundtrack is in stores now, so check it out if you want!

It's wierd to hear him sing on danish :D! But he sounds great like always!
More about the song after the cut!