mandag den 27. december 2010

Mattias' scar

I have heard so many stories about Mattias' scar.

Question of the day:
Which stories have you heard about his scar?

I heard it was a cat who did it, he got it when he did a video-stunt and that he got it because he had hit himself with a microphone ;)

Well, here is the reason :

"I 2007 smadrede jeg min næse, da jeg ved et uheld gled i sneen og faldt virkelig uheldigt ned på en kantsten, hvilket resulterer i at jeg i dag har et stort ar på næsen"

"In 2007, I smashed my nose when I accidentally slipped in the snow and fell really bad down on a curb, and that's why I today has a big scar on my nose"
Without and with the scar ;)

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