søndag den 31. oktober 2010

New songs

I was really happy when i read this on Facebook :)

Dúné: Who already got tickets for our shows in Denmark and Germany? It will be a blast like never before! And who knows, maybe you guys are lucky to hear a new song or two.. But it will be For Your Eyes Only!

Yeah! i would love, love, LOVE to hear some new songs...

lørdag den 30. oktober 2010

Danny as baby

This is not really Danny (well, i don't think so :D) it just looks like him! Looks like him a lot!
Sanja send me the pictures :) She saw the picture in a photo-studio, in Bad Kreuznach (a City in Rheinland Pfalz) and she really felt the baby looked like Danny! I agree.


Can you see it!? If you can't, just look at their hair...

Thank you SO much Sanja!

See the pictures Sanja took, after the cut (click on "Læs mere")

torsdag den 28. oktober 2010

Mattias on the frontpage!

Today i was in Roskilde with one of my friends, and on our way home (with the bus) i saw a newspaper, where Mattias was on the frontpage! It was because today was the "spil dansk dagen" where Denmark is celebrating danish music. I read the article, but there wasn't anything about Dúné or Mattias :(

But here are 2 pictures :)

mandag den 25. oktober 2010

Something is coming up... It's hot pants :D


Dúné just wrote this on facebook: 

We proudly announce the first & limited edition of Dúné Hot Pants. Deep black goes nicely with the shining gold. Be quick, they really are limited!

Furthermore... To keep the taste of the mystery and the thrill of the surprise, we will announce a new item at our online merchandise store every Monday evening in the comi
ng weeks.

Enjoy! :)

Nice ... It's good there will come some new items in the shop! :)
So... Are you going to buy the Hot Pants??

Buy them Here! 

Mattias in the new Carpark North Video

Okay so this is kinda stupid, because Mattias is only in it in like 3-4 seconds, but i just found out how to put a youtube video in here :D So proud! ;D

Yeah okay, you can see Mattias around 2.00 ;)
And it's Uffe Truust who has directed it, and he was the one who made "Stages"!
And Carpark North is just a cool band, and i know Dúné like them too ;)

Question of the day!

Since i posted The story about Valentina i decided the question of the day should be about Valentina :)

What do you think about "The Valentina story"? And are you hopeing for more songs there has something to do with her?

I like it! I really really like the story about Valentina (and her daughter) And yes i'm hoping there will be more songs about Valentina!

Here is what Mattias said, when he was asked if there would be more songs about her!

"I can only quote U2: "How long, how long must we sing this song?"

Mattias quote via Gaffa.dk

Something is coming up...

Okay so Dúné wrote this on Facebook (maybe Twitter too): It's monday. A new week. Something is coming up. Have a look in here later this evening

Wuhuu! But this time i have no idea what it is!

The story about Valentina

We know and love the 2 songs Go go Valentina and Heiress of valentina but who is Valentina and what is the story behind?

Valentina is an Eastern European prostitute and she is sold via sex-trafficing to a Western country. The history also draws attention to the psychopathic sex trade and the people who exploits these women (both the people who stands back it and the customers)
Go go Valentina describes the girl Valentina who like many other women from for example Vesterbro in Copenhagen and Oranienburgerstrasse in Berlin, stands in hours and just waiting to be picked up. She is trapped in the dependency of the people who exploit her, and she has no hope of getting away.

Heiress of valentina is a more posetive song. It's about Valentina's daughter who is loved by everyone and has the opportunity to have a good life which her Mother didn't have. She just have to take the chance and throw herself into it.

Hope you could understand my english ;)

Read it on Danish after the cut

From Gaffa.dk
Picture from the Heiress of valentina video made by Jeppe Kolstrup

Ticket info for the German Shows

UPDATE: You can now buy tickets on ticketonline.com


A lot of people says that Creative-talent dosn't know anything about the shows and there isn't anything about the shows on their website either...

But you can buy tickets to the show in Hamburg HERE!
And you can buy tickets for the show in Berlin HERE!

fredag den 22. oktober 2010

Suprise = Winter tour in Germany!

So i was right! The suprise was a Winter tour in Germany!
I'm really happy for you guys in Germany ;)

You can see the program on the picture ;) So a little question for the german people... ARE YOU GOING? AND TO WHICH SHOW??

You can buy your tickets here creative-talent.net (from tomorrow)

They also made a video to promote the tour watch here: vimeo.com

torsdag den 21. oktober 2010

The string quartet

If you have seen Dúné play this summer, you may have seen the string quartet too ;) They (string quartet) played with Dúné on the last 2-3 songs i think. Please bring me back, Go go valentina and i think there was one more! Damn i can't remember it! Please mail me or leave a comment if you know ;)

On the fall tour they will bring them again! Wuhu! I really like them (string quartet)!
You can be a fan of them on facebook! Who killed Bambi on Facebook
Awesome name! You can also se some photos with them and Dúné on their facebook site ;)

Video: MyLuckyStars8


Many of you have probably already seen/heard that Dúné will announce a little suprise tomorrow!
So what do you think it is? I think it's about some german shows... Maybe... I'm not sure!

onsdag den 20. oktober 2010

Question of the day!

Have you ever talked with Dúné or just one of the band-members? And what did you say?
If you haven't, what would you say if you had the opportunity?

God i like that picture :D! But i miss Ole... :(

I haven't like really talked with them. Only said "hello" and "can i get an autograph" :)

mandag den 18. oktober 2010

A little update from Dúné

You probably know that Dúné are working on a new album and here is a little update from them :)


As you all know we are currently working on new material and preparing for some DK gigs. We are pretty busy, but it's exciting times. So for the fun of it - here are some of the working titles on some of our demoes. Maybe they'll end up on the next album, maybe none of them will - who knows :-)

- Believer                                             

- Malte idea 1
- Reason for Renegade
- Brothers and Sisters in Love
- +a hell of a lot more...


Who wrote that? :D Alhoa ?? Kinda like when people says Aloha...
Anyway, it sounds good! Hope we can hear some of it soon...
Believer sounds really cool but what the fuck is Malte idea 1 ?? :D That sounds fun! Hope they will find another title for that one ;)

Revelation Summer tour video

Mattias has made an amazing video with clips from their summer tour 2010! It's really really really good and it's with the song revelation, from the Leaving Metropolis EP, which is awsome!
It looks like they had a really good time on the tour... :)

What do you think?
You can also watch it on dunesite.com or vimeo.com :)

lørdag den 16. oktober 2010

Question of the day!

Which Dúné-song is the best live?? And why?

Hmm. I'm not sure.
I really like get it get it, because Cille is so cool on the guitar :)

I like Final Party Of The 21st Century too! Then the party really starts ;)

And Go go valentina is also one of my favorites. Danny do his little show and Mattias is just like going crazy in the end!

What's your(s)???

All videos are from Tivoli, Copenhagen :)
 Source for number 2 and 3 video:MyLuckyStars8!

Happy birthday Ole :)

It's Ole's Birthday today! Remember to wish him a happy birthday ;)


Oh and Dúné wrote this on facebook :)
-"We announced 4 shows in DK. Who would like us to play 4 shows in Germany as well?"

So maybe there is hope for you guys in Germany ! :)

fredag den 15. oktober 2010

Mattias' new blog

Mattias has posted a new blog today (15/10-10) on dunesite.com  :)
-He's so right!

Dúné's favorite songs from "Enter Metropolis"

See which song (from Enter Metropolis) each band-member like the best!

Simon: Please Bring Me Back
Malte: Get It Get It
Mattias: Heiress Of Valentina
Chill (Cecilie): Time To Leave
Danny: Everybody Fights The Lust
Piotrek: Remember
Ole: Victim Of The City

Who do you agree with??
I'm with Ole  ;)


Mattias through the years :)






I think he has become more hot through the years ;)

onsdag den 13. oktober 2010

Dúné interviews :)

Because the interview i have posted was on Danish (the one with the cake-comperings) i decided to post 2 in english/german :)

I like the end :D "Wir sind Dúné..." and then everybody starts to laugh!

I think Ole is very good at German :D!

Laust Sonne as support!

Yes Laust Sonne is going to support Dúné at their DK Fall tour :)
What do you think about that?

More Information at dunesite.com

Here is Laust Sonne's single "Spell On You"


tirsdag den 12. oktober 2010

Question of the day!

Today's question: Which Dúné musicvideo is the best?

I really like them all, but i think i'm going to say "Let go of your love"! I'm not sure why... I just like it and they're looking great in it! I also kinda like the girl there drives a car, and then burn it (with Mattias in it) in the end.

There is also this behind the scenes video ;)

But which do you like the most?

-And if you have an idea for a question, please send a mail to Dunerocks@hotmail.dk

Dúné Tattoo!

So Sanja send me 2 pictures with her tattoo, where there stands "DÚNÉ".
I think it's SO cool :)

Thanks to you Sanja :)
And if you would like to share your photos too, send a mail to Dunerocks@hotmail.dk

mandag den 11. oktober 2010

Michala's Dúné Stuff

Michala send me some pictures with her stuff!
Thanks Michala ;)
And remember to send your pictures...! :)

My Dúné stuff

If you're a real fan you got to have some stuff with Dúné ;)

Here are some of my things :)

A picture with Piotrek, Mattias and Danny's autograph :)

A sweatshirt

The "Stages" DVD

See more under the cut (click læs mere)

What do you have? Send me a mail to DuneRocks@hotmail.dk with your pictures and i will post them on the site :)

Question of the day!

Today my question is: Which Dúné Vlog do you think is the best and why?

I have to say "The pizza suprice" I really enjoy Mattias and Ole's dancing and they're just kinda funny in it :)

You can also see it by clicking on one of these links ;)

Teaser and flyers for the DK fall tour

This teaser is pretty cool!

Watch it here: Dk fall tour teaser :)

There's also a 2 "new" flyers for the tour! It's just another version ;)

søndag den 10. oktober 2010


I don't know if you already knew this, but on PiratTV can you see some clips from Stages. There is also some clips there isn't in the movie :)
I love the clip "ZZZZZ" where they show all the clips where Mattias is sleeping :D!

Go check it out: Stages on PiratTV

Have you seen Stages? What do you think about it?
I LOVE it! I think it's absolutely amazing!

Are you going?

Dúné came up with this great news for about 2 weeks ago!
So are you going? And which show or shows are you going to?

Oh and i just found out that Dúné have linked me (if that's what it's called) on Facebook! :D
SO cool!

If Dúné were a cake... Ready to laugh? :D

I just saw this interview with Mattias, Ole and Simon again and yes i did laugh a lot! I always see this if i'm down, because it always make me happy again!

It's in danish but i can tell you what it is about ;)
First Mattias says that they have compared each other with books and Ole is the Old Testament. Big and filled with shit. And Danny is a Pixi-book. Because he is small and very unintelligent.
Then they talk about that they also have compared each other with cakes. And Ole tells that it's always Mattias there starts with the comparings. So he is always a good thing and then he (Ole) become a truffle (don't know if that's what you call it on english, but it's a cake made of remnants from other cakes) But he says he is a truffle, all good from the floor :D And Mattias add "It's sickly, but people buy it anyway! And then they starts too laugh SO much! Then Mattias says that he think he is a homemade syrup cake, delicious all the way through. More laugh...Then they talk about which cake Danny and "Guffe" (Simon) are. Danny is a Dan-cake. Cheap and unhealthy but very popular!

it's Tjeck who made the interview and if you check their youtube-channel out you can see more clips from the interview! youtube.com/TJECKMagazine

question of the day!

I will start to make these question of the day. Maybe i won't post a question every day, but at least 2-3 times at week.

So today my question is: What is your favorite Dúné song and why?

I'm not sure. Maybe victim of the city or The world is where we're heading (stages), just because they both give me this amazing feeling! It's really hard to explain, but it's just like, if you turn the volume up and just listens to the song(s), nothing else matters and i'm just in my own little world which is fucking lovely!
But then i would also like to say 80 years. Because that was the first song by Dúné i heard! It's so amazing too!

yeah it's a difficult choice!
But let me hear what YOU think :)

STAGES! I think that's my final choice! Click on the link and watch the video ;)

Song quotes

Here are some of my favorite lines from all the fantastic Dúné-songs :)

Life is not a Party!

I will be anywhere, anywhere you will be...

All of our lives we just wait to die!

Remember to still feel love

Through love and hate we overcome the demons inside

But now i'm free to do what i want

Just let me go

Now you can see her dancing, you can tell she's beautiful

Why am i afraid to die?

Would you die in 80 years with me?

You're the only one who sees me...

Life is not worth pretending
You shall made is grow.

At the end of day even Jesus had to pay

Break the chains there hold you!

None of us can change the past, but i'm enjoying every second...

Real men do cry!

All i wanted was to dance with you!

You have transformed to be what i see as an enemy

Why don't i see all the trouble you should have?

When you're near the world disappears!

What are your favorites?

Pictures from Tivoli/Køge

So i have some pictures from Dúné's show in tivoli and Køge. I thought you may wanted to see them :) So here they are:




Click for bigger ;)

What do you think?