lørdag den 30. oktober 2010

Danny as baby

This is not really Danny (well, i don't think so :D) it just looks like him! Looks like him a lot!
Sanja send me the pictures :) She saw the picture in a photo-studio, in Bad Kreuznach (a City in Rheinland Pfalz) and she really felt the baby looked like Danny! I agree.


Can you see it!? If you can't, just look at their hair...

Thank you SO much Sanja!

See the pictures Sanja took, after the cut (click on "Læs mere")

7 kommentarer:

  1. Cool to share this with you....but who knows...maybe Danny has a son he doesn't know about....as Ole said...Danny is mostly drunk and in the bus....;)

  2. In which fotostudio in Bad Kreuznach did you saw this ? I want to see this , too :)

  3. Oh, one thing i saw on TV.
    At the Series "Türkisch für Anfänger" (a teenage,funny soap) there is a Dúné Poster in the main-charakters room :)

  4. It was on the main shopping street across from Cinemax. We were really shocked!

  5. I just found the studio and the original pic...lol...I will send it to H. copy the link you will see it....;)


  6. Thanks.
    :D:D:D really funny.
    maybe i will go watch this tomorrow or when i go to cinema the next time.
    (It's name is Cineplex, but whatever)
    Are you from RLP?

  7. No I am from Frankfurt but my daughter (it is her fault I listen to Dúné) was in Bad Kreuznach for 6 weeks and I used to visit her every Saturday. I was not sure what the name of the name of the cinema was, but I found the name of the Foto Studio for you...that is what counts...:P