mandag den 18. oktober 2010

A little update from Dúné

You probably know that Dúné are working on a new album and here is a little update from them :)


As you all know we are currently working on new material and preparing for some DK gigs. We are pretty busy, but it's exciting times. So for the fun of it - here are some of the working titles on some of our demoes. Maybe they'll end up on the next album, maybe none of them will - who knows :-)

- Believer                                             

- Malte idea 1
- Reason for Renegade
- Brothers and Sisters in Love
- +a hell of a lot more...


Who wrote that? :D Alhoa ?? Kinda like when people says Aloha...
Anyway, it sounds good! Hope we can hear some of it soon...
Believer sounds really cool but what the fuck is Malte idea 1 ?? :D That sounds fun! Hope they will find another title for that one ;)

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