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New blog from Mattias about the Northside festival :)

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Hey everybody
Just decided that I wanted to put my scar stories on hold and tell you what I did this weekend instead (it’s not like my scars are running off anywhere anyway).
You probably already know this, but I was at NorthSide Festival from Friday to Sunday with Ole Bjórn and Piotrek. It was the first time since Roskilde 2006 that I was at a festival as part of the crowd and we had a great weekend at a great festival with great people!

Friday at 7.12 we jumped on the train from Berlin to Aarhus and arrived at our destination at around 14.00, or 2 p.m. Piotrek, myself and my brothers slept at my friends’ parent’s house close to the festival sight, which reminded us of our childhood when Skive Festival was just 500 meters from my parents house, which meant open house for everyone. We went to see The Kooks (ok), The Xx (fine, but really boring) and Justice (over the top - completely awesome!)  Though it was raining a lot nobody seemed to care which contributed to an amazing atmosphere at the festival.

After a long night in Aarhus “down-town” dancing dub-step at the club v58 we woke up a little too early and enjoyed a brunch of parental dimensions (with the best bread ever) and went on to watch gigs with Lukas Graham (cosy), Suspekt (gross), The Hives (funny and chaotic), Kasabian (too cool, but heavenly) and The Stone Roses (probably the worst concert I’ve ever witnessed because Ian Brown was singing so off key that it made fingernails scraping a chalkboard sound like Whitney Houston at 25).
In between all these gigs it was my pleasure to meet and talk to a lot of sweet people who asked for autographs and pictures. I really got the feeling that people are looking forward to our next album and that they haven’t forgotten about Dùné. It was very reassuring and a good deal of fun too.
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On Sunday I woke up at 9 am and went to the festival site at 10.30 with Piotrek. I think it’s the earliest concert we’ve ever played (beating a gig in Finland back in 2008 with 30 min.). It was very surreal to go on stage at the time I usually have my breakfast (when on tour), but it was actually a great experience. We arrived at the stage 15 min. before stage time and I think 20 people had gathered in front of the stage - bless their hearts. We were a little shocked at that point, but decided not to give a fuck. I even dressed up in my friends mom’s bathrobe just to underline the early stage time (it was stolen backstage later - my suspect: James Blake, but that’s another story). With 5 minutes to stage time however, people started to show up in greater numbers and after 10 minutes on stage we had a full audience. And what an audience that was! We often say that Aarhus is our second hometown and that is not an overstatement. People were ready from the first beat of our set opener (the new song ‘Renegade’) and we had a blast on stage.

The rest of the day we had some interviews and enjoyed the sun before leaving for Berlin again at 6pm.
One important thing remained though; the soccer match Germany vs. Denmark. We couldn’t make the TV’s on the bus work, so we had to listen to the radio that was falling out all the time.
It was kind of a peculiar situation to listen to the game on the radio: 4 Danes and 4 Germans (our crew is German), but as you might know the result was in our crews favour. From now on I’m supporting the German team's effort to win the Euro Cup.

Now I’m back in Berlin full of good memories and happy times, ready to get back to work on the new album.

I’ve gathered a couple of links concerning our gig at NorthSide:
P.S. Don't forget that you can win a t-shirt by writing a review of our gig at the NorthSide Festival. (Fin it in the NEWS section).

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