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Matt's magic monday

New blog from Mattias about Simon exit. He also promise that no moore members will leave Dúné! What a relief!

Read it after the cut!

Submitted by Matt on Mon, 2012-02-13 23:14
BLOG: 02.01.2012

Hey everybody
Hope your well wherever you are.
As you might know we announced today that Simon is no longer part of Dúné.

First of all: A lot of people have been asking me if Dúné is splitting up. The answer is a big fat NO FUCKING WAY!

I’m well aware of the fact that losing three band members in between two albums seems like a pretty big deal, but for some reason it feels like a natural development for us.

You’ve gotta remember that we’ve been a band for almost 11 years already. We began when we where 12! All the time other people use to bounce between bands, friends and genres, we’ve spend on this band and at one point somebody’s gotta face reality if they don’t think their life is heading in the right direction.

It happened with Cecilie, Malte and Simon. I’m happy for and proud of the years I got to play with these people and I’m looking forward to have fun with them in the future.

Today Dúné is a strong four-piece band (five live), which frankly is pretty normal for a rock band. We have reduced our numbers, but strengthened our commitment and geared up for the future. In other words: we’re ready to take over the world with our next album and I can’t wait.

I promise you that no more members will ever leave Dúné again. Now it’s all or nothing.
Thank you for your support! It means everything for this band. We’ll do everything to make you proud.


P.s. Whitney Houston was a great singer. She should have stopped her carrier a long time ago, but it’s always sad when people pass. Despite the problems she had her legacy will live on. I know that people die every day, but her voice and music is the soundtrack to a lot of people’s life and that’s why it’s such a big deal for so many. I admire her impact.

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