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New blog from Piotrek

A new "monday"- blog from Piotrek. The blogs are always late :D

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Submitted by Piotrek on Mon, 2012-02-06 23:59
Hello Boys & Girls.

It is time for another PPP. I hope you enjoyed "Piotrek's Beautiful Goodnight" playlist. You can still subscribe to it, just follow this link:

So, how do you like the newly arrived winter? Are you enjoying a bit of snow and a lot of minus degrees?
I'm not a big fan of the cold, but I can honestly say, that I'm enjoying the winter time. As for many people the cold and short days are the reson for so called 'winter depressions', for me it is time of relaxation, selv-development and self-reflection. The dark evenings at home. when I wear a warm sweater and drink a lot of hot tea with honey, are giving me some kind of an inner peace. I feel good with just being alone with myself, read a good book og play some improvised piano. I take a look at the dark window and it all makes sense. Doing the same in the summer time would mean longing for being outside in the fresh, warm air. It has something to do with the current tempo of living.

See, in the summer time in Berlin there is ALWAYS something going on. There are so many events that you don't want to miss, so you often end up stressing yourself to "get it all". And it's not a bad thing when you are young, fresh and beautiful! But then comes the winter - the time when you slow down a little bit.
I had a "crazy" January, full of visitors, going out, fun events and happenings, so I ended up being very exhausted and in the end - sick. Too much of anything is never good. Now I enjoy the slower living. I enjoy being able to fully concentrate on my work and different projects.

To sum it up a little bit:
- I'm not winter depressive
- I'm not dising the summer. I am actually looking forward to, when (and if) it comes.
- I'm also glad for the cold winter, cause it helps me to feel normal.

But to not leave you completely alone with my weird, late night speculations, I went through my pictures and found a couple of favorite summer pics from the last two years. Enjoy!
Sunny Norwegian fjord:
A Street of Tokyo drown in the sun:
Captain Piotrek on Berlin's Spree:

The German Venedig:

Swiss/German Lake Constance:

Sunset over a lake in Sweden:

A sail ship in the Kiel Harbour:
Polish Windsurfing & Kitesurfing "Mekka":

Feet on the beach:

I went sailing:

Sunset in Middelfart:

Summer in Denmark (Grøn Koncert):

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