tirsdag den 20. marts 2012

Matt's Magic Monday

A new blog from Mattias about his day in Leipzig with Ole & Danny :)

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Submitted by Matt on Mon, 2012-03-19 11:24

Thursday Danny asked Ole Bjórn and me if we would like to take a ride to the German city of Leipzig with him. More than happy to escape the hard work of our third album we said yes and drove off into the sunset.
So there we were enjoying the spring sun in a small car on the German Autobahn.

We ended up at the “Leipzig Book Messe” and later found our way into the city. We were just three friends hanging out and walking around Leipzig, enjoying the sun. We were chillin’ in the Johanna Park (?) and eating a lot of good food.

It’s incredible that the spring has started. I like the winter, but it’s always too long. It’s like the sun is giving you some extra energy. At the moment I get up really early in the morning and it’s like I have the energy to do everything.

I guess humans are striving in sunlight (I wanna move to a sunnier place someday!)

Thanks Leipzig for the short sunny break and thanks for reading my lame blog.

Enjoy your week!

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