torsdag den 15. september 2011

A song can change a life

In 2009 I didn't knew much about Dúné. One of my friends big sister was a fan of them, so I knew, that there was a band called Dúné, but I didn't hear their music. But then one day...
One day I was watching the dansih music-program "Boogie" and suddenly I hear this song called "Victim of the city." I was almost in love. I don't know why I liked it. It was just full with energy and it was something I hadn't heard before. Back then, my music taste wasn't that special, I just heard what all my friends heard. But that song touched something in me. It was a new kind of music. A kind of music I liked much better than the music my friends heard.
So then I downloaded their brand new album "Enter Metropolis." I loved every single song on that record. I heard them again and again and then I downloaded their other album "We are in there, you are out here" and I loved every single song on that record too. I had suddenly become a "Dúné-victim"!

Then i also began to hear other bands like Muse and other rock/alternative/indie-rock bands. It was a whole new world to me and I couldn't understand, why I hadn't heard any of this kind of music before. It was like I had found the door to Narnia.

So that one song, really changed my life.

Ps. Talking about victims, please check this blog out:
It's a new blog about rockmusic and I think it's going to be really good. So far it's very cool!

I don't no why, but I can't leave a comment on this post... But yes - I did pay for the music. Of course!

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  1. Med download håber jeg naturligvis du mener købt over itunes ikke? :) Det er vigtigt at støtte de kunstere man kan lide :)

    Med din musiksmag (at dømme ud fra indlægget) tror jeg du vil kunne lide det danske band Veto. Tag og hør dem, hvis du ikke allerede har hørt dem :)