torsdag den 4. november 2010

Dúné and Mads Langer

Just wanted to share this video with you! It's a video from the danish program "backstage" where Dúné and Mads Langer played together...

I don't know if you all know Mads Langer, but he is a danish singer and he is also from skive like Dúné :)

But they played a Mads langer song, "Poem with no rhyme"  and Dúné's song "Dry lips"
Check it out, cause' it's really great :)
And look at 4.47, a woman falls (behind Mattias) :D Pretty funny!

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  1. okay, i never saw the woman... it's really funny.
    i have got it as a mp3 because i love it!
    what is this show in denmark like?