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Meet a Dúné fan: Michala

This time you can meet Michala from Denmark who is a HUGE Dúné fan. She has for example interviewed Mattias and has performed with 80 years!

Read all her answers after the cut!!!
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And a big thank to Michala - you're a really cool fan!

Hey my name is Michala, i'm tuning 16 in not to long, I'm from Denmark and i adore Dúné!! :D

1. When and how did you discover Dúné?
I think it was about 3-4 years ago, I was listening to music on my sisters Ipod and suddenly Victim of the City started to play and i loved it so much that i quickly went online to find out when Dúné was playing a concert near me.  

2. Which song was the first you heard?
I heard Bloodlines first, but that was before I knew anything about them, so i would say Victim of the city. 

3. How many Dúné concerts (maybe festivals?) have you been to? (Where and which year?)
If I don't count seeing them at the X-factor final, then 8 times, spread out on 3 years (2009-2011) all the way from Køge to Herning, Fredericia, Copenhagen, you name it! 

4. Do you have Dúné merchandise? (What kind)
I have 2 T-shirts and 2 posters plus things i get at the concerts :)

5. Do you have a favourite member? (give a reason)
No not really, they are all just awesome!!

6. Favourite song, album and musicvideo? (give a reason)(you can also make a top 3 or something)
Again, I can't choose, i truly love everything they have ever made!

7. Do you have a good experience with Dúné, one og their songs or..? (explain)
Yes I have, of cause all of the concerts, talking to them and so on, but in 7th grade (2 years ago) we had 1 week where we had to work with a topic and later on we had to present it to our classmates and parents.. so I decided to work with bands, with focus on Dúné, and I was so lucky to get and 'face to face' interview with Mattias, so i came about 2 hours before their concert in pumpehuset 13. marts 2010, and then I looked while they where doing their soundcheck and then afterwards I talked with Mattias.. and Ole.. And Danny... uuh yaa and Mads Langer where there too so i talked a bit with him. 

8. How big a fan are you? (explain)
Huge huge Huge fan!! can't describe it with words!! they mean everything to me!!

9. What do you think about Cille, Malte and Simon leaving the band? Are Dúné still as good, do they miss something now or what are your thoughts about it?
It was and still is really sad that they left the band, but it was better that they left then being forced to stay... I still think Dúné is amazing, just with a little twist on their sound, now that cille isn't singing.

10. Why are you a Dúné fan?
first of all the music is the best in the world!! 2. they are sooooo cooool!!! they are so nice and so down to earth with a twist of ADHD xD and the concerts is amazing!! everything about them is so good!!

11. Are there any other bands you can recommend to us Dúné fans?
I really like Mew, and Foo fighters :)

12. Are there anything else? A funny story or just something else you want to tell?
hmm... maybe one thing, last year I was in a singing competition where I preformed with 80 years and it was sooo cool!! just jumping around on the scene and having around 700 people listening :D

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