fredag den 2. december 2011

EP - Echoes of December

Dúnés new EP is now available!

You can purchase the EP through all digital stores world wide.
For purchase through iTunes CLICK HERE

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DÚNÉ to release Seasonal EP “ECHOES OF DECEMBER“Release date: December 1, 2011
Denmark’s own DÚNÉ are embracing the Winter spirit in their very own way by releasing an EP, inspired by the holiday season but in a very DÚNÉ way, on December 1, 2011.
Entitled “ECHOES OF DECEMBER”, the EP features four brand-new tracks as well as an intro and an outro.
The band felt inspired and wanted to give their fans a nice way to celebrate Christmas with them, wherever they might be.
The tracks were recorded and produced by DÚNÉ, with mixing and mastering duties handled by old pal Jakob Hansen.
The EP will be released via all digital channels.
We had a lot of great more quiet songs that we wanted out there and since we have written so many songs for our next album we chose to take out a couple of weeks to finish these songs and release them in December. It is also a little intimidating since this is the first original material we have released since May 2010.” - Piotrek
I’m very proud of this EP. For me it was a thrill to work with some different aspects of my guitar playing, but just to make it clear: our future album will not only feature mellow songs with drum machine.” - Danny
It was a great learning experience to produce, record and release it all by ourselves. Ole Bjórn did a great job engineering everything. Most of it was made in his living room, which also caused us some trouble since we chose to do vocals on the same day as his lawn was mowed. On this EP Ole Bjórn got his first lead vocal performance ever on the song “It Shouldn’t Be All.” It took some time to convince him to do it, but after some serious encouragement he agreed on doing it and what a result! We love his voice and we hope you do, too!” - Matt
The original idea was to release a new song on every advent, but when the EP was done the whole thing just fit together so greatly that it would be a shame to divide them like that. We more or less see the EP as one long song rather than four separate songs and an intro and outro.” - Ole Bjórn

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