tirsdag den 22. marts 2011

10th anniversary

"We would like to thank everyone who have supported us since we started Dúné in 2001.
It's been a wonderful "10 years" and we're looking forward to many more with your continuous love and support.
Whether it's your first time on our page, or you have been following our course for some time,
we would like to thank you with a free download of a new version of "Dry Lips".
Enjoy and get ready for more!"

Download it here: dunesite.com/landing

Happy 10th anniversary to the lovely guys. I really hope they will continue making wonderfull music for many years!
For me Dúné is more than just a band... They are an inspiration and some great, funny and sweet guys. Their songs are the ones you listen to when you're sad, happy, angry (Mattias' voice always calm me down :D), lonely... I could go on and on, there are songs for every mood!
And i love the fact that they love us fans as much as we love them!
They are just extraordinary!

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