onsdag den 8. juni 2011

Skive incident statement

Forget what you have seen or heard and read the true story...

Dear all,
it has come to our attention, that we are being slandered in the Danish press about an incident that supposedly involved the band.
While not wanting to go into detail, all we can say is, that the only band member that was present during the incident was Ole Bjórn and that he only acted in his own defense.
At no moment did any of the band members get involved in an act of aggression or active force nor did any member, but Ole get kicked out from the festival.
We strongly regret that we were not allowed to comment on this incident before it went to press.
However, this is what happened.

Anyone that's ever seen us knows that we stand for everything, but violence and aggression. In fact, we disdain it.


And btw. I know i said i would be back monday, so sorry for not posting before today!

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