onsdag den 20. oktober 2010

Question of the day!

Have you ever talked with Dúné or just one of the band-members? And what did you say?
If you haven't, what would you say if you had the opportunity?

God i like that picture :D! But i miss Ole... :(

I haven't like really talked with them. Only said "hello" and "can i get an autograph" :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Michala send me a mail :) Last year she made a project in school about Dúné and she got the chance to do a little interview with Mattias! Really cool i think! She also talked with Ole and Malte. Just about who she was and what her name was and so on...
    And she has also talked with Piotrek, last time she was to a concert!

  2. Der er så meget og så ingenting at sige!: