onsdag den 20. juli 2011

New blog from Piotrek

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Some time ago, I wrote a blog titled Saying goodbye to an old
friend. It was actually about me buying a new bike and saying goodbye
to the old one.

Summer is in Berlin, so I've been using my new bike a lot and have already gotten used to it.
One day, I even made a 25 kilometer trip to Wannsee (the biggest lake around Berlin).
My new bike really grew on me.

Last Wednesday evening, I took off from Berlin with the band to
play the Green Concert tour in Denmark. When I came home this Monday at
5 a.m., I noticed that my bike wasn't standing in the place, where I had left it.
After sleeping a couple of hours, I went out to look for it.
I looked everywhere in the courtyard, on the staircases and even took a
walk around my neighborhood. No signs anywhere.

Come on!!! Some stupid asshole stole my new bike. I didn’t even have
it for a month. What’s up with people who steal other people's property? Morons!

Here are some facts about stealing:
- it’s disrespectful (to yourself and the victim)
- it’s illegal (yes, you can go to jail for that)
- it makes people sad (yes, it made me very sad)
- it’s stressful (for both the person who is stealing and the person
with the loss)
- it’s stupid (no further explanation needed)
- etc.

Have you ever heard this quote? - YOU SHALL NOT STEAL“
Yup, it comes from a very wise source. I wish all people would listen
and live by it!

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