onsdag den 6. juli 2011

New blog from Danny :)

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Love, dreams & hard work a.k.a Sex, drugs & Rock 'n' roll!!

Hi guys & girls!

I hope you are all good and enjoying the summer so far. We have a couple of days off between concerts and I am spending time at my parents for a couple of days.
I saw my family way too little these last years. Of course it has something to do with us living in Berlin and my family living in Denmark, but it's also cause we are so busy.
I love what I/we do, it's my dream. I am with my best friends and it's lots of fun, but I would be lying, if I said that it isn't hard at times, as well.

I don't want pity or anything like that, but I feel like it’s worth telling.
All of us walk around with dreams. Dreams that could be a reality.
Unfortunately, way too many people walk around dreaming without doing anything about it.
Maybe cause they are afraid of failure, maybe they don’t feel competent, maybe it seems impossible to even start.

The question, Do I have talent? also scares us, I think.
I used to be mad at people with talent.
People who were better at soccer, better in school or better at playing music. Especially those, who played a bit of every instrument.
But I realized something: talent only takes you 10 % of the way, if that much, the rest is pure hard work and passion!

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