tirsdag den 12. juli 2011

New blog from Mattias

There's a new blog from Mattias at dunesite.com :)

You can also read it after the cut ;)

And i would like to say sorry again, for not posting before today, but i havn't been home...

That's maybe the question I'm most frequently asked in the month of July. And yes, I do. I love that race!
I simply find it extremely amusing to watch almost 200 men ride a bike for 6 hours every day for a whole month.

It's the battle against not only the other riders, but the wind, the mountains and time. Their own limits are maybe the biggest enemy they face! And that is exactly what excites me the most about the Tour De France. Just like for most everyone in this world, our biggest enemy is our own mental limitation. To quote a very wise man: Whatever you think you're right.

Those bikers ride their asses off and push themselves to the edges of their capacities to defend their position in the race. I find that extremely inspiring, because we all have this ability and can use it to improve ourselves on so many levels.

So dig deep people and get out in the sun instead of watching Tour De France like me!

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